1. Payment can be made up to 3 times installments as per schedule given/ agreed by both parties.
    Price of each item which is:
  • Less than RM 200 (full payment)
  • RM 200- RM 500 (2 times installment including deposit 50%)
  • RM 500 and above (2-3 times installment including deposit 50%)

    ** FULL PAYMENT are preferred and highly appreciated**
  1. Any outstanding payment need to be settled within 3 week after your items arrived. Items must be collected as soon as possible (within 3 week) after arrived due to lack of storage to keep the items. Surcharge will be applied RM2 /day starting from period given. Any damage or lost after the period will be under buyer's responsibility.

  2. Payment can be made by using ONLINE TRANSFER / CASH DEPOSIT MACHINE. All transfers must be made within 24 hours from the time of order otherwise your order will be cancelled.